Rick Scott Humiliated Himself on a Visit to King Juan Carlos of Spain, Talking About Elephant Hunting

From The Huffington Post and the Crowley Report, 5/24/2012:

Scott met with King Juan Carlos of Spain this week during his economic development mission and immediately managed to bring up the uncomfortable topic of the monarch’s disastrous elephant hunting trip to Botswana last month.

In an unprecedented act of royal contrition, Spain’s king [had] apologized Wednesday for having gone elephant-hunting in Africa while everyday people endure a severe economic crisis. The 74-year-old monarch had come under scathing criticism this week after he went on the expensive safari as both Spain and its citizens struggled amid an economic crisis that has worsened by the day.

And while all of this could make for an awkward discussion about elephants, Scott forged ahead after his introduction, telling the king about his own trip to Botswana, where one of the massive pachyderms apparently chased his jeep.

Here is video of the awkward meeting.

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