Rick Scott Cost Florida Taxpayers $1 Million In Unnecessary Legal Fees

From Orlando Sentinel, 07/30/2012, and the Miami Herald, 12/28/2012:
Update from Huffington Post, 12/31/2012:

Governor Rick Scott’s long list of controversial legislation — including tweaking the state’s pension plans, require drug testing of those on welfare, cutting teachers’ pay, and purging voters — may have cost Florida taxpayers upwards of $1 million in legal bills.

The latest legal bill tallies at $190,000 after a federal court ruled that Florida has to pay the attorney fees as Scott fights for the right to drug test state workers.

The Orlando Sentinel found that Scott has already cost taxpayers nearly $900,000 in attorney fees as he fights for his conversational legislation, making this latest legal bill tilt the tally over $1 million.

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