Rick Scott Named One of America’s 18 Worst Governors

From the Miami Herald, 07/17/2013:

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, known as CREW, has branded Rick Scott as one of America’s 18 worst governors:

Gov. Scott is giving Scrooge a run for his money — disenfranchising Florida voters while passing legislation benefiting the financial interests of himself and his donors.

Shortly after his election in 2010, Gov. Scott began a campaign to purge ineligible voters from voter rolls that was found to disproportionately target minority, Democratic, and independent voters. Less than two months before the 2012 election, Gov. Scott again sought to purge voter lists. In 2011, Gov. Scott signed a proposal to curtail early voting, a move largely blamed for hours-long waits at the polls. Gov. Scott and the legislature reversed these changes after the election.

Gov. Scott proposed legislation affecting welfare and Medicaid recipients that would substantially benefit Solantic, Inc., a chain of urgent-care and emergency service clinics he co-founded before assuming office. Gov. Scott also pushed to privatize Florida’s prisons, which would primarily benefit two private prison companies that donated thousands of dollars to his inauguration committee and PAC.

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