Broward County agrees: Rick Scott is an asshole

Broward to defy governor’s call to ban navigators from health offices
– From The Miami Herald, 09/23/2013:

Broward County is expected to join Pinellas County in resisting Republican Gov. Rick Scott’s decision to bar Obamacare enrollment advisors from state health department facilities.

0 Replies to “Broward County agrees: Rick Scott is an asshole

  1. every county in florida impeach rick scott and indite him he has been a night mare to all of florida and a shame he isincommfordent and crruel to be governor of florida charlie won and it was rigged

  2. Floridians, of which I am one, are in the grips of very destructive, vicious governor. I cannot understand how he ever got elected in the first place. It hurts to think that there are that there are so many citizens who lack the character and integrity as he does. This subhuman psychopath has not one shred of decency about him. He is a devoid – One who is profoundly psychopathic and who lacks a conscience completely. He feels no sorrow, no happiness, joy, love. He feels only satisfaction at causing pain. He is a manipulating creep who double crossed both of his daughters and then used his dead mother to get reelected. I think he bought votes because he won by a very, very slim majority.

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