From The Florida Times-Union, 10/28/2013:

Starting in 2013, the Department of Business and Professional Regulation started sending letters packed with glowing tid-bits about Scott’s background to those who receive or renew licenses. … Those facts, like others in the new letter, closely mirror stories Scott tells on the campaign trail. …

Those items are talking-points Scott and the Republican Party of Florida use when discussing the first-term governor’s 2014 re-election bid. … The text of the letter was written by Scott’s office and given to the department to circulate, according to DBPR spokeswoman Tajiana Ancora-Brown. Scott’s office oversees DBPR.

She said that the letters have so far gone to 425,596 people. Scott’s office said it’s an effort to reach out to ‘job creators,’ not score political points.

Guess what? He did it again, this time to new lawyers.