Rick Scott Rejects the Florida Bar’s Recomendations, Nominates Judges Based on Their Political Affiliations

From the Tampa Bay Times, 10/28/2013:

Gov. Rick Scott, seeking to bring the court system more in line with his conservative outlook, has repeatedly rejected lists recommended to him by the Florida Bar of lawyers seeking to screen candidates for judgeships.

Scott has rejected dozens of attorneys the Bar has nominated to serve on judicial nominating commissions, created decades ago to professionalize the bench and make merit and qualifications at least as important as political connections.

Deirdre Macnab, president of the League of Women Voters of Florida, criticized Scott’s frequent pattern of rejecting Bar-supported lawyers.

‘I believe it’s unprecedented,’ Macnab said. ‘This is a pretty blatant example of politicizing the court, and citizens should be concerned. … It’s disheartening.’

And more on this from the Tampa Bay Times on 10/29/2013.

Miami Herald published an editorial about this on 10/30/2013, and so did Orlando Sentinel, on 10/31/2013.


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