Rick Scott Just Gave His State Business Recruiter a Large Raise and Job Security

From the Associated Press, 10/31/2013, and News-Press.com, 10/31/2013:

The board of Enterprise Florida, the organization set up to lure companies to the state, approved a new two-year contract on Thursday for president and CEO Gray Swoope. The new contract allows Swoope to make up to $375,000 in salary and bonuses — or a 25 percent increase over what he makes now.

The board, led by Scott, signed off on the raise with a unanimous vote at its meeting Thursday. Swoope, who was recruited by Scott away from Mississippi, is eligible for $300,000 under his current contract. His base salary of $230,000 comes from taxpayers, while he is also eligible for a bonus which comes from private contributions. Swoope has gotten a $70,000 bonus the past two years. The new deal structures his base salary and incentive pay at $275,000 and makes Swoope eligible for an additional $100,000 bonus.

The new contract — which runs until July 2015 — also guarantees a payment of $137,500 to Swoope even if he is removed from his job by the next governor. This gives Swoope some insurance in case someone defeats Scott during the 2014 election.

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