Rick Scott Ordered More Restrictions on Voting, Shocking Florida Supervisors of Elections

From the Tampa Bay Times, 11/25/2013:

Gov. Rick Scott’s chief elections official issued an order Monday that imposes new restrictions on how and where voters can return completed absentee ballots in future elections.

At least two county election supervisors, Brian Corley in Pasco County and Deborah Clark in Pinellas, are troubled by the decision, say they were never consulted by the state and predicted that it could depress turnout. …

[Detzner] wrote: “Supervisors [of elections] should not solicit return of absentee ballots at any place other than a supervisor’s office, except for the purpose of having the absentee ballot cancelled if the voter wants to vote in person.”

More from ThinkProgress, 11/26/2013:

In 2012, the state created a voter purge list full of suspected non-citizens, which was mainly comprised of Latino, African and Asian Americans. The list was full of mistakes, targeting U.S. citizens because of a misspelled name or outdated address. County election supervisors refused to go along with the purge, and the Justice Department sued over possible racial discrimination. Detzner eventually apologized for the effort.

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