Rick Scott Is Within One Percent of Being America’s Least-Popular Governor

From HT Politics (Sarasota’s Herald-Tribune), 11/26/2013:

In Wisconsin, a Marquette University poll shows 49 percent of Wisconsin voters approve of Walker’s handling of his job.

But in Florida Scott’s approval ratings are stuck in the low 40s. Just 42 percent of voters in a Quinnipiac Poll released last week said they approved of how Scott has handled his job. While up from his low point in 2011, Scott is still well behind Kasich and Walker who narrowly won their seats in swing states in 2010 like Scott

Also from HT Politics, 10/13/2013:

Republican Gov. Rick Scott, whose catchphrase “It’s working” is the theme for his re-election, has been willing to try just about anything to get Floridians to like him.

It’s not working.

Since the day he was elected, polls have shown that more Floridians dislike him than like him. Not that he hasn’t made efforts to win them over. He tried social media outreach, then gave it up. He tried dressing casual, then gave it up. He tried doing “Let’s Get to Work Days” but seems to have abandoned those, too.

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