No One Wants to Be Rick Scott’s Lieutenant Governor [Updated]

From Reuters, 01/08/2014:

Florida governor sued for not appointing new lieutenant governor

Barbara DeVane, a retired social studies teacher who has long been active in education, labor and feminist causes, argued in the lawsuit that Scott is violating state law by not naming a new lieutenant governor.

DeVane cited a section of the state constitution which reads that when a vacancy occurs in the office, the governor “shall” appoint a successor.

“If the statute allowed the position to remain unfilled, it would provide ‘the governor may appoint a successor,’ but it does not,” said DeVane’s petition.

“There is no reasonable reading of the term that would allow the governor to shirk his duties for months on end, as he has here.”

Earlier stories …

From WFSU, 11/26/2013:

Florida Governor Rick Scott’s so-called shortlist for Lieutenant Governor is getting shorter. Over the last few days, two people have announced they’ve dropped their names from consideration. So, is that a sign that no one wants to be Scott’s second-in-command? …

“You know, it’s not a desirable job,” said Florida State University Political Scientist Charles Barrilleaux.

Read more about Rick Scott’s Lieutenant Governor woes from the Tampa Bay Times, 11/21/2013:

One of four public officials under consideration to be Gov. Rick Scott’s next lieutenant governor has withdrawn his name from consideration.

St. Johns County school superintendent Joseph Joyner, the only educator on Scott’s list, said that quitting his job to serve as L.G. would “render me ineffective.” Now there’s a succinct job description for the office of lieutenant governor if ever there was one.

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