Rick Scott will spend $8.5 million in two months on glossy new TV ads

From the Tampa Bay Times, 05/16/2014:

Scott is on pace to spend about $8.5 million on TV ads in over two months, a record sum this early for a campaign that intends to spend a total of $100 million (a fifth of which has already been spent). …

Though this spot is positive, Scott gets in a subtle negative dig against what he sees as another opponent: “the news media.” The ad opens up with the governor in his backyard reading a newspaper, which is interesting … Scott once said he doesn’t read the papers.

GOVERNOR RICK SCOTT: You might’ve noticed the news media is not always my friend. But they aren’t the critics I worry about. This guy is. I spend every day worrying about what my grandson will think of me. I’m focused on the Florida we leave for his generation. That means more jobs and more opportunity. We’ve made a good start, but we have a lot more work to do. What do you say?

GRANDSON AUGUSTE: Let’s get to work, Grandpa.

GOVERNOR RICK SCOTT: That’s my line. Let’s get to work.

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