Rick Scott signed 12 pro-gun laws so far, a single-term record for a Florida governor

From The Florida Times-Union, 07/09/2014:

Gov. Rick Scott appears nearly bulletproof right now in the eyes of the National Rifle Association.

That assessment of Scott comes as the NRA notes that more pro-gun bills have been signed into law in the past four years than during any other recent single gubernatorial term. The organization sent a message to members applauding Scott for setting the record.

Since taking office in 2011, Scott has signed into law 12 gun-related measures backed by the NRA. That total is nine more than former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist approved while enjoying an equally Republican-dominated Legislature between 2007 and 2010. Crist is now running for the Democratic nomination to face Scott in the November elections. …

The bills signed by Scott have ranged from the highly contentious, such as the “docs vs. Glocks” law in 2011, which restricts how doctors can talk to patients about guns and that has been on hold since being thrown out by a federal judge in 2012, to less controversial laws that reduced the fees for a new concealed carry weapon and allowed tax collectors’ offices to handle concealed-weapon license applications.

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