Rick Scott becomes a national joke for avoiding questions (VIDEO)

From MyFoxTampaBay.com (Fox 13 News), 07/17/2014:

From CNN, via HuffPo, 07/16/2014:

Anderson Cooper could not help but make fun of Florida governor Rick Scott on Tuesday for repeatedly dodging reporters’ questions.

Scott recently appeared at a campaign stop in Tampa with police officers in uniform lined up behind him. However, it is illegal for public employees to participate in campaign activities while on duty or in uniform. A police union official has filed a state complaint against Scott, accusing him of coercing on-duty officers to attend his event.

… Instead of actually answering the questions, Scott repeatedly said that he is “proud” that 40 sheriffs have endorsed him and that he is “appreciative” of the support from law enforcement.

Cooper called it a true “masterclass” in “saying a whole bunch of stuff without ever, ever answering the question, no matter how many times the question is asked.”

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  1. He’s a P.O.S!!!!!!!…. Ridiculous!!!… #RickScott You need to be fired… Your a Thief and a fool!!!…You suck!!!

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