TIME Magazine Realizes That Rick Scott isn’t a Good Person

From TIME magazine, 07/23/2014:

A few months ago, I wrote about an epidemic of fake Republican scandals that Democrats were hyping for 2014, starting with a nothingburger of a whatever-gate involving Florida Governor Rick Scott.

My point was that political scandals rarely get traction, and shouldn’t get traction, without a semi-plausible link to significant public policies. Let me put it a different way: Damaging scandals look more like the two latest messes involving Governor Scott. …

You probably haven’t heard about these messes, because they’re pretty obscure. They’re also mini-messes, especially for Scott, who was once CEO of a hospital chain that paid a record $1.7 billion fine for fraud committed on his watch.

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  1. I have lived in Florida a long time. I’ve always worked and never collected unemployment till this year to find out that 16 weeks is the max I can collect which is done because Floridas cooking the books on unemployment here under Scott. I can’t even get help on food. Educated but most of the jobs applied for are scams never filled. It’s scary under Scott. The super rich better rethink this, because they won’t have anyone to work for them for SLAVE wages. Except the illegals that live 4 to a one bedroom apartment that they claim to hate…hypocrites. I pay taxes and have had a mortgage for 14 years…assholes like Scott depend on Union retired workers to move here on their good pension, the hypocrisy is SICK

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