Rick Scott is using public funds to campaign for U.S. Senate

From the Miami Herald’s Steve Bousquet, 05/24/2015:

He can’t run for governor again, but he’s still collecting six-figure campaign donations from special interests that have a direct stake in legislation he will sign or veto. The money buys TV ads featuring Scott, still looking and sounding like a candidate, walking across a big green cutout of Florida, “where dreams come true.”

Scott has a networking program in his office called Proactive Outreach in which state employees comb through business journals and magazines in search of people whose achievements merit letters of congratulations, from entrepreneurs to Eagle scouts. After a paragraph of phrase on official state letterhead, Scott switches to campaign mode, boasting about “our low-tax, pro-growth strategies.”

Scott is the first Florida governor who still solicits high-dollar campaign checks, even though the election ended six months ago and he’s not officially running for another office. The contributions continue to pour into his political committee, Let’s Get to Work, to fund TV ads underscoring his message of growing jobs, spending more for schools and seaports and the need to cut taxes — the latter pitch aimed at his fellow Republicans in the Legislature.

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