Rick Scott’s Top Election Official Won’t Say Whether He is Speaking to Rick Scott

From the Tampa Bay Times‘ Adam C. Smith, 05/10/2015:

Florida’s top election official faced some tough, pointed questions from local elections supervisors Tuesday who made it clear they view the Secretary of State with distrust and believe he is too often working against them, rather than for them.

Secretary of State Ken Detzner spoke at a Florida State Association of Supervisors of Elections conference, where many members are still stinging from his last-minute surprise opposition to an online voter registration law that they thought he was on board with. …

“You told us in that meeting you had to talk to the governor, and then you told the media multiple times you hadn’t spoken to the governor. So which is it, respectfully sir?,” [Pasco elections supervisor Brian] Corley said, suggesting Detzner either “misled” the media or the elections officials working with him.

Detzner never directly answered that question but at one point he did acknowledge to the elections officials that he does not have the final say on most matters.

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