Rick Scott handpicked the people who are about to invest in fracking with your money (And no you won’t see the profits)

From Context Florida’s Daniel Tilson, 06/18/2015:

Florida’s going to be the first state in America to allow a giant energy monopoly — Florida Power & Light (FPL) — to charge customers for expansion of risk-laden hydraulic fracking activity (“the fracturing of rock or tight sand by hydraulic pressure, using a combination of water, sand and chemical additives”), thanks to Gov. Rick Scott and his hand-picked Public Service Commission (PSC).

This very profitable, investor-owned utility is already allowed to take a guaranteed profit of 10.25 percent on its rates. Pretty good return. Now, instead of turning to stockholders and explaining how investing $500 million of company money in fracking research and development activity will bring big profits and returns later, FPL gets to charge my household and almost 5 million other customers a half-billion more every year to finance unregulated fracking projects nationwide.

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