Florida’s environment left lawless under Rick Scott

From the Broward/Palm Beach New Times’ Kyle Swenson, 7/7/2015:

Despite campaign promises to go after environmental bad actors and polluters, Gov. Rick Scott’s administration has done no such thing. …

According to the data released by PEER — culled from public records requests — in 2014, 234 enforcement cases were opened by DEP. That’s an uptick from the number the department posted in 2013 — 210 cases. But in 2010, before Scott settled into the governor’s mansion, DEP logged 1,587 new enforcement cases. That means between 2010 and 2014 — the governor’s first term in office — there’s been an 85 percent drop-off in the number of environmental enforcement cases.

“Under Scott, the DEP has largely ceased engaging in meaningful environmental protection,”Jerry Phillips, director of Florida PEER, said in a statement Monday. “By virtually every measure, enforcement levels are so low that it is hard to even get a pulse.”

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