Rick Scott’s Celebrated Job Growth Is Mostly Low-Pay, Dead-End Positions

From Context Florida’s Daniel Tilson, 07/12/2015:

The job growth report released this month by ADP Research Institute places Florida second nationally with almost 32,000 new private-sector jobs created in June. On the face of it, that seems like good news. That’s certainly how Gov. Rick Scott and other conservative Republicans running the state will spin it.

But strip away the face value of such statistics, and you’ll find the same trend that characterizes the entire Republican economic “recovery” of recent years. You’ll find about two of three of those new jobs is a low-paying service-sector one. This mirrors years of Florida job growth in predominantly low-pay, no-benefits, dead-end jobs. It also reflects years of Team Scott focusing on tourism, travel and leisure industries as drivers of post-recession economic growth.

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