Scott Gets $400k From Florida Chamber for Future Senate Campaign

From Politico’s Matt Dixon, 8/25/2015:

As term-limited Gov. Rick Scott continues to raise campaign cash for some future political ambition he has yet to acknowledge, the Florida Chamber of Commerce earlier this month gave $400,000 to a committee he controls, one of the biggest contributions in the group’s history.

Though Scott can’t seek re-election, he has kept his fundraising apparatus intact, continuing to raise money to fuel a sizable political operation. In 2015, the committee has spent $2.6 million on political expenses like consulting, fundraising, and advertising.

It’s also one of the largest political contributions given directly from the Chamber, the state’s largest business lobby. The group’s politically active board of trustees includes executives from utility companies, banks, development companies, and law firms from across the state.

Scott has yet to blatantly state he is running for the Senate in 2018, but who is this dude really kidding?

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