Rick Scott says disgraced former Lottery secretary “has done a tremendous job”

By the Palm Beach Post Editorial Board, 9/8/2015:

Cynthia O’Connell acted as though being Lottery Secretary was a kind of jackpot. Last year, she took nine weeks of vacation from her $141,000 job. She also charged nearly $30,000 in subsidized travel and ran up late fees on her Lottery credit card at department stores, grocery stores, hair salons, car washes and the dentist.

Was Gov. Rick Scott outraged or disappointed by his appointee’s term in office?

Anything but. “Cynthia has been part of my team since my first year in office and she has done a tremendous job serving Florida families,” Scott said.

By Politico Florida’s Matt Dixon, 09/01/2015:

Gov. Rick Scott ignored questions Tuesday about Florida Lottery Secretary Cynthia O’Connell, who is resigning after reports about missed work and excessive travel bills.

“Cynthia did a good job,” Scott said after a Cabinet meeting in St. Augustine. “We had record sales, which means we increased the amount of dollars to give to education.”

Scott was directly asked about bills racked up on O’Connell’s department-issued credit card.

“She made the decision to look for other opportunities, but I tell you she did a good job,” Scott said in direct response to a question about her credit card use.

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