Rick Scott’s sneaky property-tax increases infuriate Republicans

From the Tampa Bay Times’ Steve Bousquet, 11/20/2015:

When Gov. Rick Scott rolls out his budget proposal in Jacksonville next Monday, he will likely highlight tax cuts and more money for public education. But a spike in school spending will likely have to come from higher property taxes on small businesses and homeowners, and that has some Republican legislators angry.

“This has got to stop,” says Republican Rep. Fred Costello of Ormond Beach.

Costello has decided it’s time to force Scott and lawmakers to tell people the truth, that higher property taxes pay for schools. Costello wants to require a public notice of whether a state-imposed tax increase pays for a school budget increase, and that it be spelled out with a “clear and concise explanation” in newspaper ads, just as cities and counties do every year when they publish the roll-back rate.

“It’s going to force us to say we’re raising taxes,” Costello said. “Nobody in Tallahassee wants to do that.”

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