Rick Scott Appoints Unqualified Donors and Friends

From a Bradenton Herald editorial, 11/28/2015:

The State Board of Education should be a bastion of people immersed in learning and dedicated to advancing student opportunities and success.

Instead, Gov. Rick Scott filled the seat held by John Colon, who resigned when the governor appointed him to the Manatee County School Board, with a close friend, a pal with little experience in education.

Plus, Tom Grady [who] carries a history of dubious personal spending as during his brief time as the interim president of Citizens Property Insurance in 2012. He booked expensive hotel rooms and airplane trips, took limo rides and even spent three nights in Bermuda, all on the taxpayers’ dime.

Grady is a wealthy securities lawyer from Naples, which happens to be the home of his buddy and patron, Scott.

Grady lost a permanent appointment to lead Citizens when his lavish spending practices became public knowledge, and he went back to the private sector.

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