Rick Scott’s budget denies $47 million from Florida courts

From Politico’s Daniel Ducassi, 11/30/2015:

Gov. Rick Scott’s proposed budget … provides $47.4 million less than the courts are seeking for a variety of functions across the system.

Among the big-ticket items the courts are asking for, and for which Scott did not recommend any funding, is more than $25 million to fund 65 new positions for a multi-year comprehensive strategy to address the technology needs of the trial courts. Scott’s budget provides no money for this purpose.

The legislative budget request for the state court system explains that “technology is no longer a luxury or add-on to existing resources; it is inherent and inextricably connected to the daily operations of the judiciary.”

Florida Supreme Court spokesman Craig Waters echoed the need for technology funding, asserting that “the trial courts throughout the state are extremely challenged due in large part to inadequate funding for technology and technology staff.”

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