Rick Scott purges 9,000 Florida children from Children’s Medical Services since May

By Carol Marbin Miller of Miami Herald, 12/06/2015:

About 9,000 Florida children … have been purged from Children’s Medical Services since May as part of a wholesale reorganization of the program in conjunction with a new state law. The law, passed in 2011, changed CMS from a Medicare-like fee-for-service plan, where the child goes to a doctor and the insurer pays the bill, into state-run managed care, in which the state sets aside a pot of money — which is capped — and hires insurers to divvy it up. …

The Miami Herald obtained thousands of pages of health department documents under the state’s public records law, including nearly 800 emails and hundreds of memos and reports that detailed the state’s plan to “restructure” CMS. They show that the elimination of children from CMS was the result of a plan to slash spending on sick kids at a time when Florida had a $635.4 million surplus. For the legislative session that begins next month, Gov. Rick Scott has proposed $1 billion in new tax cuts. The spending plan would eliminate an additional 718 health department positions.

6 Replies to “Rick Scott purges 9,000 Florida children from Children’s Medical Services since May

  1. He would reconsider if it was a child of his that was sick and need care…I work with cystic fibrosis patients and they can’t get what they need to stay alive…just not fair! One governor is making a decision about every kid in Fl.

  2. Can this man be impeached? I have friends all over Florida who at one time or another had to seek care for seriously ill or injured children; thank the Lord it was before this man’s time in office!
    Rick Scott has no compassion or ethics, whether the issue is wildlife or people! I am so glad we don’t live in Florida!

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