Rick Scott repeatedly refused to say on TV whether all Muslims hate America

From various sources including Jonathan Cohn of Huffington Post, 03/10/2016:

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) just gave one of the more painful television interviews in recent memory — and, in the process, offered a case study in why Donald Trump’s rhetoric about Muslims is so dangerous. …

Then Scarborough asked Scott about a major news item: Donald Trump’s statement during an interview with CNN Wednesday night that “I think Islam hates us.”

Scarborough wanted to know whether Scott agreed with that sentiment. Scott dodged the question, saying that Florida is “the best melting pot in the world” but noting that he wanted to stop allowing Syrian refugees in Florida until they could get better security vetting.

Scarborough pressed him. Fine, he said, the vetting of refugees is a fair subject for debate. But what about Trump’s statement?

“I’m just asking generally, do you think that Muslims hate Americans? That Islam hates America, as Donald Trump said last night?” Scarborough asked.

Scott, who has a reputation for evasiveness, once again refused to give a yes or no answer, instead talking about his home state. “I can tell you what’s going on in Florida, we…”

Scarborough tried one more time, again, to no avail …

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