Rick Scott Reminds Everyone How Much of a Hypocrite He Is on Government Transparency

From the Sun Sentinel’s Randy Schultz, 5/4/16:

Last week, Gov. Rick Scott lectured the Republican National Committee on the need to “be transparent.”

The governor has pretended to care about doing the public’s business in public. After that stumbling start with his transition teams – deleted emails about their work was called “a mistake” – Scott created Project Sunburst. It was to be a public archive of all emails from Scott and his staff.

In fact, Scott switched to a private email account. How Hillary Clinton of him. Despite a lawsuit, Scott denied doing so, until he got caught. The governor had to turn over email records he had claimed didn’t exist.

Then there are his personal finances. Scott did put his assets into a blind trust, which is supposed to separate management of those assets from a public official’s policy decisions. The manager of Scott’s trust, however, is a business associate. Ethics experts have said such an arrangement skirts the intent of the law.

Scott’s RNC audience had to endure him for only 12 minutes. Florida must endure nearly three more years under a governor who preaches public disclosure but acts as if he’s still running a private company.

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