Rick Scott Ordered to Pay $7,170 in State Funds to Planned Parenthood’s Lawyers

From Politico’s Christine Sexton, 06/24/16:

An administrative law judge is ordering a state agency to reimburse Planned Parenthood attorneys $7,170 for their work on a challenge to actions taken by the Agency for Health Care Administration.

Administrative Law Judge James Peterson issued the ruling on Friday, finding the requested amount was reasonable and falls within the limits placed on attorney fee requests related to rule challenges.

The challenge focused on a requirement that Planned Parenthood clinics use an abortion reporting form that the organization argued hadn’t been adopted by the agency and wasn’t authorized by any rules. …

The Scott administration quietly withdrew its complaints against the clinics the day the governor signed a new abortion law changing reporting requirements, hiking licensure fees and placing into law definitions for pregnancy trimesters that define the first as beginning at conception. The law, set to take effect July 1, has been challenged in federal court.

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