From Gil Smart of TCPalm, 07/01/2016:

Dear Gov. Scott:

You’ve got a real mess on your hands down here on the Treasure Coast.

And you really ought to come see it for yourself. …

I’m not talking about the discharges from Lake Okeechobee that have fouled our waterways with algae, closed our beaches, harmed our businesses and maybe our health. You know about this; I’m sure you’ve seen reams of statistics and been briefed on the science of what’s happening.

Governor, you’ve got a minor insurrection going on. …

One woman, Jennie Pawlowsky of Stuart, told local officials that “I’m done being a peaceful protester. If you don’t start acting, we will take things into our own hands.”

I spoke with Pawlowsky afterward. She used to own a paddleboard/yoga shop that closed during the “Lost Summer of 2013.” She seemed a normal citizen, radicalized by this crisis.

Think about that, governor. Your average citizen doesn’t often threaten to take things into his or her own hands. But that’s how far people have been pushed by this crisis. Maybe it was just frustration talking; maybe it was an idle threat.

But maybe it wasn’t.