Rick Scott Plans Huge Miami Fundraiser With Donald Trump

By Miami New Times‘ Jerry Iannelli, 07/18/2016:


On July 26 at 5:30 p.m., Trump will host a fundraising reception — followed by a 7 p.m. dinner — reportedly at his golf resort Trump National Doral Miami.

Trump is bringing an all-star list of GOP standbys, including Scott, Big Sugar kingpin Pepe Fanjul Sr., Naples gas-station lord Max Alvarez, and state Rep. Carlos Trujillo, who once sponsored a bill to imprison immigrants who overstay their deportation orders.

Of course, whenever Trump has announced a campaign event in South Florida, the area’s massive Hispanic population stands up in protest. This round will be no different. Kennedy says he’s already gathering a group of people to picket outside the fundraiser.

“This time, he’s got Rick Scott, who is a major Florida embarrassment, and Carlos Trujillo, who is a really nefarious character,” Kennedy says.


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