Rick Scott Just Gave His Top Staffers $100,000 in Pay Increases

The Naples Daily News’ Arek Sarkissian, 07/21/2016:

Gov. Rick Scott’s top staff members received more than $100,000 in pay increases in recent months after the appointment of a new chief of staff whose salary alone increased by $40,000, records show.

The pay increases in Scott’s Capitol suite began in April when Kim McDougal officially took over as chief of staff. Her salary increased to $170,000, pay records show. …


As the payroll for the top positions in Scott’s office increased by $107,399, the salary data show Scott’s office paid $13.4 million a year in salaries as of this month, $100,000 less than the $13.5 million in annual salaries it paid as of March, two days before McDougal officially became chief of staff April 1. …

Meanwhile, Scott’s annual salary remained at 12 cents. He is the first governor in state history to not take a salary.

2 Replies to “Rick Scott Just Gave His Top Staffers $100,000 in Pay Increases

  1. I have not had a raise in 8 years and make poverty wages working for the state of Florida and you feel it is okay to reward your over paid employees before you take care of us. You sir should be ashamed of yourself. Look at what staff assistant pay is in the doc and tell me how you sleep at night.

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