Rick Scott to Send Mosquito Repellent to Schools That Cannot Use It

From the Palm Beach Post‘s Sonja Isger, 08/12/2016:

This week, with the news that one of the county’s residents is among those believed to have contracted Zika locally, Gov. Rick Scott unveiled a campaign to battle the scourge from Martin to Monroe counties with pre-packaged lessons on the dangers of standing water and cases of bug spray to be delivered to school doors upon request. The supplies are paid for with $26 million from the state’s Zika fund.

Palm Beach County schools welcomed some of the Spill the Water materials – guaranteed by state Education Commissioner Pam Stewart to dovetail with the states’ education standards — but won’t be requesting any bug spray, for now.

That’s in deference to kids with asthma and allergies, and it’s in accordance to standing policy about dispensing over-the-counter remedies, Chandler said.

Gov. Rick Scott intends to deliver insect repellant to schools, but many are balking at the idea.

District leaders say they intend to be flexible. “If we get to the point when the Department of Health is telling us this is protocol, then they’re going to have look at what is the best product to keep everyone safe,” Chandler said.

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