Rick Scott Heads to Trump Tower to Kiss the Ring

From Politico’s Matt Dixon, 11/16/16:

Gov. Rick Scott will be flying to New York on Thursday to meet with President-elect Donald Trump in Trump Tower.

“He wants to congratulate [Trump] on his big win and help him reinvent the federal government,” said Scott spokeswoman Jackie Schutz.

Scott was an early supporter of Trump and ran a super PAC that raised $20 million for TV ads.

Because Scott was one of Trump’s top supporters nationally, his political stock has risen. There was immediate speculation that he was on a short list for jobs in the Trump administration, but he has said he wants to finish his final two years as governor.

“I’ll do everything I can to help my good friend Donald Trump be successful, but I don’t plan on being a Cabinet member,” Scott told CNBC last week. “I have like 789 days to go in this job. I’m going to finish this job. I love being governor. I want to make sure we’re the number one state for jobs. I’m going to keep this up.”

That has not stopped rumors about Scott, a former health care executive, possibly becoming Trump’s head of the Department of Health and Human Services. With Republicans now controlling the White House and both houses of Congress, the party can act on its vow to do away with the Affordable Care Act.

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