Rick Scott Distorts the Origins of Obamacare to Help Dismantle Health Insurance

From Miami Herald‘s Amy Sherman, 12/11/2016:

Donald Trump’s White House win gave Florida Gov. Rick Scott a powerful ally in his fight against Obamacare.

“Other than President Obama and a few stragglers, everyone now realizes that Obamacare was a terrible notion,” Scott wrote. “It was sold on a lie. It was invented by liberal academic theorists who have no interaction with real families and businesses, and therefore it doesn’t work.”

Scott’s piece misleads readers about the origins of the Affordable Care Act of 2010. It is based on ideas from not just Democrats, but also Republicans.

Scott cherry-picked three advisers supportive of the law with Obama ties. He ignores that many people over several decades from both parties developed the ideas for what would eventually become Obamacare, including the contributions of Republican Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor. We rate the statement Mostly False.

PolitiFact ruling: … We rate the statement Mostly False.

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