Rick Scott’s PAC has Raised $7.7 Million to Challenge Bill Nelson for U.S. Senate

From NBC-2’s Dave Elias, 12/26/2016:

There is mounting evidence to suggest Governor Rick Scott will challenge U.S. Senator Bill Nelson in 2018.

The governor’s political action committee now totals $7.7 million.

Since he can’t run for governor again due to term limits, many political analysts believe all of that money raised in the last two years would be used to win the senate seat.

… [Republican Political Consultant Dennis] Pearlman predicts an unprecedented battle for the seat, saying the money is going to flow as he believes both sides combined could spent nearly half a billion dollars to win.

“I would go on record now saying this is going to be the most expensive senatorial candidate race we’ve seen,” Pearlman predicted.

In 2006, Nelson alone raised $15 million for his re-election bid.

So far, Scott has already raised $7.7 million.

… There has been talk that Attorney General Pam Bondi could run for Nelson’s seat.

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