Rick Scott’s Prisons Plan Cuts Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment to Balance Budget

Rick Scott is personally urged by Donald Trump to run for US Senate

From Tampa Bay Times’ Mary Ellen Klas, 04/06/2018:

The legislature passed and Gov. Rick Scott signed an $87 billion budget that was $28 million short in prison funding. Now, to close the gap, the Florida Department of Corrections is eliminating programs that prepare inmates for their return to the community.

The agency had warned lawmakers in February that they needed more money to cover court-ordered healthcare services and to renew the healthcare contract for inmates. Legislators ignored the warning and instead made cuts, leaving the agency with a $79 million deficit in its $2.3 billion budget, and not enough money to pay for inmate healthcare, which the state is legally required to provide.

To make up the shortfall, Corrections Secretary Julie Jones announced last week she was cutting substance abuse and mental health treatment programs and eliminating re-entry and work-release services that prepare high-security inmates for life out of prison.

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One Reply to “Rick Scott’s Prisons Plan Cuts Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment to Balance Budget”

  1. He’s probably got stock in Prisons that’s why.
    He definitely doesn’t seem to care about all the Disabled legitimate pain patients in his state. Politicians are ignoring the pain patients and I suppose those who are addicts. These are 2 totally opposite groups of people. But both are being treated as ONE.
    When is the Government going to remember that Prohibtion doesn’t work?! It never has, not even back in prohibtion days of alcohol. Just look how everything is being handled. Horrible and definitely not Balanced. First of all, Our government is practicing medicine without a license. Second the drug courts are overloaded. All they care about is the money from Lobbyists! They ignore their constituents because the paycheck from them isn’t enough. Greedy people who don’t care about humanity. 🙁

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