Rick Scott Plans to Fill State Jobs with His Inexperienced Cronies

From Miami Herald‘s Mary Ellen Klas, 5/08/2018:

The Florida Department of Revenue has ousted top employees and kept positions vacant for months to make room for many of Gov. Rick Scott’s loyal staffers who will be out of their jobs when he leaves office this year, even though none of them have any experience in that department’s main responsibility, tax administration.

The Department of Revenue is overseen by the governor and three independent Cabinet officers, and is therefore a safer place to guarantee job security than the governor’s budget office, which will get a new chief executive after the November elections.

Last year, the Herald/Times reported that Taylor Teepell, a GOP political operative, was appointed by Scott to head a Department of Environmental Protection division despite having no experience. He was paid $110,000 and left large parts of his application blank.

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