Rick Scott Gave a Tax Deal to the Fraud-Plagued Company Running Miami’s Child-Migrant Center

From Miami New Times’ Jerry Iannelli, 06/19/2018:

In Homestead, a federal compound housing as many as 1,000 migrant children is managed in part by a federal contractor based in Cape Canaveral called Comprehensive Health Services, which has held a contract at the Homestead camp since February 2018. Sen. Bill Nelson says 94 children at Comprehensive Health’s facility have been taken from their parents by U.S. immigration agents.

… In December 2016, Comprehensive Health announced a new project that would “create 150 new jobs” at its Cape Canaveral headquarters — and in exchange, the state in July 2017 awarded the company a $600,000 “qualified target-industry” tax-incentive package.

But just as Scott was negotiating that tax break, Comprehensive Health was hashing out a deal with the feds to pay a $3.8 million settlement to the U.S. Department of Justice over a medical-fraud claim. After Comprehensive Health paid the fine in February 2017 (without admitting any wrongdoing), Florida gave the company the tax breaks anyway.

… The Scott administration finally awarded the $600,000 tax package July 17, 2017, five months after the company paid its DOJ settlement. Comprehensive Health did not admit any wrongdoing while paying the fine, and the feds noted “there has been no determination of liability” to go along with the financial settlement.

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