Rick Scott and His Family Made $550 Million in One Transaction Last Year

Excerpts from Miami Herald’s Mary Ellen Klas, 07/11/2018:

The reason Gov. Rick Scott’s net income rose 55 percent in 2017 has to do with electric cars, China partnerships, a company turnaround, and a single transaction that resulted in a revenue boost of as much as $550 million to the governor and his family.

Since becoming governor, Scott has shielded his assets from public scrutiny by using a blind trust and a series of privately held partnerships in his name and the name of his wife, Ann Scott. As the wealthiest governor in Florida history with a net worth of $232 million, Scott’s latest report that his net worth rose by $83 million in a single year was notable even for him.

… When the governor led a state trade delegation to Japan in 2013 and met two of the would-be bidders in the sale of CSP — Mitsubishi and Teijin — did he give them special treatment? Did he discuss his findings with his advisers? We don’t know.

… “It seems incredible that our governor made over $120 million and we really have no clue as to how,” Hinkle said. “His actions as governor need to be understood in the context of personal financial interests. Is he acting in the best interest of his personal finances or in the best interests of the people of Florida?”

Read the rest of Mary Ellen Klas’ incredible story here.

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