Rick Roll: Florida’s Richest-Ever Governor Hides His Finances with a “Blind Trust” (2014)

Long before we learned Rick Scott increased his wealth in 2018 by 55%, we knew he was Florida’s only public official hiding his finances with a so-called “blind trust,” controlled by his wife and family.

Today’s Rick Roll goes all the way back to 2014:

Rick Scott is the Only Florida Official Using a Blind Trust to Hide his Financial Interests

From the Tampa Bay Times, 05/14/2014:

“I’m just startled that no one has questioned the damn thing,” [plaintiff and constitutional law expert Talbot (Sandy)] D’Alemberte said Wednesday. “People are disregarding a clear constitutional requirement that is a bedrock principle of open government.”

From WPBF, 05/16/2014:

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is promising to release his tax returns and hand over whatever financial details are required by the courts.

Scott’s promise came a day after a lawsuit was filed that challenges a year-old state law that allows elected officials to place their assets in a blind trust instead of reporting each investment publicly. The state Supreme Court has been asked to rule before candidates start qualifying for the ballot next month.

Scott is the only elected official using a blind trust.

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