Rick Scott Has Spent More Days Campaigning in His “NAVY” Hat than He Actually Spent in the Navy

By Palm Beach Post‘s Frank Cerabino, 4/10/2018:

Scott has already dusted off his cap, the blue one with the letters N-A-V-Y spelled out in yellow, big enough to be seen and read by TV cameras. It’s his defining campaign-costume accessory.

And he didn’t waste any time wearing the cap this week on the very day he announced he’d be running against U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson for his Senate seat in November.

Scott’s not-too-subtle cap is there to highlight a part of his checkered past that suggests service to the common good. But there’s a lot less there than meets the eye.

Scott spent a grand total of 29 months in the Navy — getting an early exit from his first enlistment.

… “I made more money selling soft drinks on the ship than I did getting my pay,” he told The Tampa Bay Times.

Scott explained that he was able to double his income by buying sodas before the ship pulled out of port. After a few days at sea, his soda-deprived shipmates were willing to pay an inflated price for the soft drinks.

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