Rick Scott Cuts Treatment Provider to 2,000 HIV Patients, Drawing Protesters to His Beachfront Mansion

Specifically, Scott cut these patients’ only non-profit insurance provider, all while HIV spreads faster in Florida than any other state.

From WINK’s Britni McDonald, 4/18/2018:

More than 100 people marched outside Governor Rick Scott’s Naples home Wednesday.

The protestors say he’s denying critical health care coverage to those living with HIV. Melissa Shannon, whom was diagnosed in 2003 said, “I was diagnosed with HIV when I found out I was pregnant with her. And I thank god that she was born negative.”

The healthcare Shannon and the protesters are talking about is “Positive Healthcare” which serves about 2,000 people.

Governor Scott didn’t renew the state’s contract with them. There are other providers, but AHF says this was the only non-profit with insurance coverage.

Imara Canady, AHF Southern Bureau Communications Director said, “What it really sounds like is business as usual and putting for-profits over the people.”

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