Rick Scott is a Million-Dollar Investor in Expensive Hepatitis-C Drug, While Florida Responds Slowly to Hep-C Outbreaks

From The Ledger’s John Kennedy, 4/21/2018:

Gov. Rick Scott has drawn heat for failing to act swiftly against the rise of Hepatitis C – an often fatal liver disease coursing through Florida’s prisons and fueled by the state’s opioid crisis.

But Scott does have an interest in the issue: He’s a million-dollar investor in Gilead Sciences, the controversial manufacturer of Hep C treatment drugs that have cost U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars for treating patients.

… But the $1.1 million worth of stock Scott reported owning in Gilead five years ago shows just how the governor’s private investments can become entangled with public policy issues facing the state he leads.

… A U.S. Senate Finance Committee investigation in 2015 concluded that Gilead put profits before patients in pricing its Hep C drugs, refusing to lower prices or offer discounts to maximize returns and stave-off competitors.

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