Rick Scott Got Richer by Investing in Firms that Hold Venezuelan Regime’s Debt

This comes almost exactly one year after Scott and his Cabinet voted unanimously to refrain from allowing state investment managers to use Florida funds to invest in companies controlled by the Nicolás Maduro regime, or in companies that violate federal law by doing business in Venezuela.

By national treasure Steve Bousquet of the Tampa Bay Times, 08/07/2018:

As governor, Rick Scott has been very critical of the “brutal and oppressive” Nicolás Maduro regime in Venezuela, including calling on state investment fund managers to sever ties with firms that do business with that country.

“Any organization that does business with the Maduro regime cannot do business with the state of Florida,” Scott said in Miami last summer.

But Scott and his wife Ann held substantial investments as recently as last year in three firms that have done business in Venezuela: Goldman Sachs, Invesco and BlackRock.

According to the July 27 statement, the Scotts received stock dividends or capital gains income of between about $345,000 and about $1.8 million in the past year from their investments in the three Wall Street firms. Under federal law, candidates can report income in broad ranges, not in specific amounts.

Units of all three firms were large institutional holders of Venezuela debt, according to news accounts last November by CNN Money.

The Scotts’ latest disclosure statement also shows that they held stock in a worldwide shipping company that does business with the Putin regime in Russia, the Times/Herald reported.

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