Rick Scott Killed a Federally-Funded High-Speed Rail Plan So He Could Hire a Major Donor Instead

From Miami Herald‘s Mary Ellen Klas, 08/16/2018:

As one of his first acts in office in 2011, Gov. Rick Scott canceled a $2.4 billion federally funded and shovel-ready bullet train from Orlando to Tampa because it carried “an extremely high risk of overspending taxpayer dollars with no guarantee of economic growth.’’

Scott said in June he believes a high-speed rail line from Orlando to Tampa is a good idea and, in a quiet testament to his confidence in the project, he and his wife last year invested at least $3 million in a credit fund for All Aboard Florida’s parent company, Fortress Investment Group, according to recently disclosed financial documents.

… The letter to the federal government rejecting the bullet train was drafted by Adam Hollingsworth, the member of Scott’s transition team who, records show, also vetted Scott’s candidates for secretary of Florida’s Department of Transportation. He would later go to work for a sister company of All Aboard Florida at FECI.

Scott’s transportation transition team recommended state investment in an “intercity rail project from Jacksonville to Miami on the Florida East Coast railroad tracks.” In May 2012, Hollingsworth, who had spent a decade at CSX transportation, become Scott’s chief of staff.

Prior to that, All Aboard Florida and its parent company had given $188,750 to Scott’s 2010 campaign and $25,000 to his inauguration. It also hired Hollingsworth to work at Parallel Infrastructure, a company owned by FECI.

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  1. This guy is the biggest moron I have ever seen in politics yeah I was full by his first campaign or he said let’s get to work let’s get to work I haven’t seen shit four more jobs around with the hurricane people are dying on his watch what’s also confusing and I hear that he killed a bill that would keep semi truck drivers in the right lane something that we working stiffs deal with everyday on the roads I see them and dump trucks all bigger vehicles in the left lane they don’t care but yet farther down the street so what goes on here the guy is just a crook plain and simple I’ve never voted for him again and I hope he loses

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