Rick Scott Has Yet to Answer for His Hurricane Irma Response

By the Sun Sentinel Editorial Board, 08/18/2018:

… No help came when the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills called. Irma had knocked out the nursing home’s power. Without air conditioning, temperatures were rising. Twelve patients died. The governor’s staff blames the nursing home.

One of Scott’s biggest flaws was trying to control the flow of information. Scott insisted on delivering the twice-daily briefings. Similarly, he would like to control the narrative about his performance. But the record is undercutting that attempt.

… Let’s start with calls to that cell phone. Scott’s office deleted them. A spokeswoman claimed that the action was legal because the calls involved “transitory” information and thus did not need to be retained. “Each voicemail,” she said, “was collected by the governor’s staff and given to the proper agency for handling. Every call was returned.”

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