Rick Scott Praises Trump in English Ads While Rejecting Trump in Spanish Ads

From Michael Scherer of the The Washington Post via the News Herald, 08/20/2018:

… At a recent rally in Tampa, for instance, Trump told the crowd that “we have to make sure that Rick Scott wins,” even though Scott says he supports a stand-alone bill opposed by the president to give a path to legal status for undocumented immigrants brought to the country as minors.

The printed materials in Spanish for the Orange County GOP in Orlando tell voters that “immigration reform” – “reforma migratoria” – is a core “value of the Republican Party,” terminology often used to describe giving some legal status for undocumented immigrants and a generous flow of legal migrants in the future. At the same time, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has warned that the country is approaching “the largest percentage of nonnative born population in our nation’s history.”

… While Nelson has yet to spend on television ads, Scott has been blanketing Spanish-language broadcasters with spots boasting of his attention to the Latino community and documenting heavily-accented attempts at speaking Spanish.

… Scott introduced Trump at an Orlando rally in December 2016, where the president-elect congratulated his supporters for being “nasty and mean and vicious.” But when Trump held a similar rally in Tampa in July, Scott did not attend.

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12 Replies to “Rick Scott Praises Trump in English Ads While Rejecting Trump in Spanish Ads

    1. It’s called “playing to the audience!!!” Most Politicians do it to some extent….actually, Rick is an amateur compared to Trump…….thing about Trump is…..doesn’t seem to mattwr what he says!!! Most particularly when he was campaigningand said America needs to rethink the pay that it gives workers and said we needed to CUT Americans pay DRASTICALLY in order to compete with China…….WTF? Chinese make under a dollar and hour……and he wants us to compete with that?!?!!! Did gis minions think he onky wanted to cut pay to Democrats? Crazy…….well…..I’m sure trickle-down exonomics will work this time…….👀

  1. I doubt that Rick Scott cares about Latinos especially undocumented children. It’s just a lie to gain there vote! Vote Blue!

  2. Republican leaders have taken brazen lying to a whole new art form. There is really only one solution. VOTE BLUE AND TAKE A FRIEND WITH YOU TO DO THE SAME!

  3. Up until the 2016 eruption of insanity, I always gave candidates the my vote who best aligned with my values, their abilities and how well they were able to get the job done – regardless of party affiliation. Now my voting is based solely on who sides politically with President Shitforbrains. Therefore, the only choice left for me is BLUE. Republicans have lost their rudder.

  4. Brilliant! FINALLY someone just GIVES IN to the TRUE nature of politics. Don’t try to hide your hypocrisy-EMBRACE IT!! Just take BOTH sides in an argument! This guy is really on to something…I think he’s an up & comer!

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