Rick Scott Allows SunPass Vendor, His Major Donor, Off the Hook for Major Errors

From News 10’s Noah Pransky, 08/23/2018:

After 84 days of SunPass account disruptions, billing errors, and customer service nightmares, it still does not appear as anyone at the Florida Department of Transportation – or the firms in charge of managing the SunPass system overhaul – has faced any accountability yet for a lack of oversight that has impacted millions of Floridians.

FDOT announce fines to the contractor in charge of the project, Conduent, this month. But the $800,000 penalty only came after nearly two months of 10Investigates questions to Gov. Rick Scott, and it represents less than a quarter of one percent of Conduent’s $343 million contract.

In addition to Conduent’s massive information technology failures, several FDOT and Tallahassee insiders tell 10Investigates that project managers erred by not switching back to the old system when the new one collapsed. Additionally, the decision not to run their old system in parallel with their new system proved to be a costly one.

But weeks of 10Investigates questions about accountability for the engineering firms contracted to supervise the system upgrade, HNTB and Atkins went unanswered. This week, for the first time, an FDOT spokesperson said the agency’s legal office would review its contract options.

Governor Scott also recently said he would request an inspector general investigation, but no details have been provided about when it would begin, how long it would take, or how broad the scope would be.

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  1. Texas is suing Conduent Medicaid Third Party Contractor For Fraud at the Tune of Two Billion. There is massive fraud that I have put in the hands of the Gov, OIG, Attorney General involving Conduent Medicaid fraud. Why won’t they take my complaints seriously?? Oh wait, yes they are financially connected to this fraud..

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