Rick Scott’s Department of Health Is Completely Silent on Florida’s Algae Emergency

From Amy Bennett Williams of the Fort Myers News-Press, 08/24/2018:

Florida’s Department of Health has remained quiet as the blue-green algae/red tide crisis has escalated into an unprecedented toxic calamity.

Over the last month, the department hasn’t made mention of either algae or red tide on its widely followed Twitter and Facebook accounts, yet has posted eight times about growing and cooking sweet corn. Nor are toxic algae or red tide included in the “Trending Topics” of the department’s website.

James Metcalf, an internationally acclaimed expert on the brain damage caused by toxic algae headed out to sample the Caloosahatchee’s bloom. They are took a look at the public health implications of the ongoing water crisis.

That’s not to say the department has ignored toxic algae entirely; its 29-second water safety video, “Swim it, Shore it, or Dodge it!” advises “Stay clear of algae blooms” in the 23rd second, and on Aug. 3, it sent out a press release advising caution around red tide.

But it hasn’t addressed or acknowledged the potentially grave risks of long-term exposure to the blooms, and some of the information it has released is dangerously wrong, scientists say.

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