Rick Scott Believes the Solution for Red Tide is “Really Good Easterly Winds”

By Scott Powers of FloridaPolitics.com, 09/18/2018:

… At a U.S. Senate campaign rally in the Puerto Rico sector of Orlando Tuesday, Scott blamed nature for the red tides and said only easterly winds could fix them.

There was no mention during the brief rally of the red tides that plague Florida and led to Scott facing large protests in his home territory of southwest Florida earlier, except from a media question. And on that, too, Scott suggested his administration was doing all that could be expected and more, touting increases over time in environmental spending. He also took shots at his opponent Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, whom he said was doing nothing in Washington.

But ultimately Scott blamed nature, and said that the only thing that could help now is easterly winds.

“It’s horrible. The red tide is horrible,” Scott said. “I think all of us hope the red tide would be gone. It’s naturally occuring. It’s part of the gulf. It’s been around. We’ve had records of it since the 1840s. We’ve done a lot. But it’s not gone, right?

“We need really good easterly winds right now,” he added.

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  1. You people put anybody you want . We
    Only have to put up with you for 60 more
    days . Most of you ass holes will be gone and we will be able to replace you with
    People of integrity In case you have not seen this . The next Pres swearing in will start out with”mr President the nightmare
    Is over”

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